Entrepreneur / Management Expert and Professor of Political Economy / Chairman GIFTED Advisory Board
Professor Patrick Utomi, a Nigerian Citizen currently holds the position of Chairman of the Advisory Board for GIFTED. Patrick Okedinachi Utomi (born February 6, 1956) is a Nigerian professor of political economy and management expert. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria and a former presidential candidate with a passion for the dignity of the human person and the spirit of enterprise. Professor Okedinachi Utomi is the founder of Centre for Value in Leadership (CVL) and the African Democratic Congress party. He is a professor at Lagos Business School. Patrick Okedinachi Utomi has served in senior positions in government, as an adviser to the president of Nigeria, the private sector, as Chief Operating Officer for Volkswagen of Nigeria and in academia. Patrick Utomi was born in Kaduna, Kaduna State[4] he is a descent of Igbuzo in Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta State.[4] He had his primary education at St. Thomas, Kano 1960-62;[4] Our Lady of Fatima, Gusau 1962-1966;[4] Christ the King College, Onitsha[4] and Loyola College, Ibadan,[4] finishing his secondary education at the age of 15.
Daniel Jolly


Entrepreneur & International Business Consultant / Member GIFTED Advisory Board
Daniel a citizen of the UK, is an accomplished, seasoned Senior Executive with a consistent track record of delivering profitable, sustainable growth within a range of environments in the UK and internationally, especially within the Middle East/Africa and Asia. Daniel is the current Chief Executive and Co-founder of Flying Penguin Enterprises Ltd. Flying Penguin Enterprises is a British based trading house, specialising in Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics and Consultancy Services to a wide range of prestigious clients, including police, fire and ambulance services, many UK government departments including the Ministry of Defense, major multinationals such as Babcock and Airbus, a wide range of humanitarian aid organs and missions, non-government organizations and some very prestigious export customers.
Jan Marc 2


Entrepreneur / Business Consultant / Member GIFTED Advisory Board
Dr. Jan-Marc Lischka, a citizen of Germany, supports various organizations as Coach, consultant and business angel. During his career at a German technology multinational, he successfully developed teams and businesses as General Manager, both during growth as well as restructuring phases. Jan is passionate about entrepreneurship, driving technology & digitalization, and leadership innovation. Besides his engagement for GIFTED, his aim is to foster business relationships between African entrepreneurs and global markets. Jan is Industrial Engineer and holds a PhD from Technical University Berlin in Innovation Management. He is married and father of three kids, enjoying exploring different countries and cultures with his family.
Joy-Ogwu 2


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary / Member GIFTED Advisory Board
Joy Uche Angela Ogwu, a citizen of Nigeria (Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary) is a former FOREIGN MINISTER of Nigeria and was the PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE of Nigeria to the United Nations in New York from 2008-2016. She is the first woman to hold the post of Permanent Representative to the United Nations in the history of Nigeria. Prior to her ministerial career, Ogwu, who is from Delta State, served as Director–General of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA). Ogwu has advised the United Nations on disarmament issues and has published books promoting more African ties to Latin America. She is the former Chair of the Board of Trustees of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR).
palma 3


GIFTED Cordinator, CPLP Countries / Member GIFTED Advisory Board
Luiza Palma, a citizen of Portugal, Ambassador at Large - IHRC (International Human Rights Commission), Non Executive Board Member Advanced Programme / Ambassador for Peace by UN Women Federation for World Peace-Building / President of WEF, Women Economic Forum / Chairperson for All Ladies League for Portugal / Mentor Of First Colloquium In Portugal Middle East And North Africa Women Ambassadors.LUÌZA PALMA, Born, Africa Angola Nationality: Portuguese, Dame of Magisterial Grace of the Sovereign Order of Malta. NED- Non Executive Board Member Advanced Programme. Ambassador for Peace by UN Women Federation for World Peace-Building. President of WEF, Women Economic Forum Chairperson for ALL _All Ladies League for Portugal Master (5 years) in International Affairs & Master (<4years) in Finance Journalism London Professional Tutoring (M&A Energy Institute Upstream) Former Executive Vice-President of Luso Middle East Economic Instituto in Portugal Former Vice President General Secretary at Luso Guiné Equatorial Economic Institute Mentor Of First Colloquium In Portugal Middle East And North Africa Women Ambassadors. TITLES & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: SDG EARTH AMBASSADORS-2018 © 2018 Copyright of the SDG Earth Ambassadors. All International Rights Reserved. Founder, SDG Earth Ambassadors (under legal registration process) is intergovernmental, and humanitarian. It promotes the “Upgraded Sustainable Development Goals”, which covers a broad range of social and economic development issues, which include overcoming poverty, no hunger, good health, quality education, climate restoration, children issues, gender equality, clean water, and access to good sanitation, affordable energy, clean environment, art, music, and social justice.
David Ogb 1


Management and Government Consultant / Gospel Minister / Member GIFTED Advisory Board
David Ogbueli, a citizen of Nigeria, is the founder of the New Covenant Family Ministries and the Senior Pastor of Dominion City, International. He is also the President of the Dominion Leadership Institute, and a Senior Facilitator in the Institute of National Transformation. David Ogbueli is a minister of the Gospel, and an icon of transformational leadership excellence. His passion for Personal Transformation and National Transformation has produced various initiatives and ministers causing a stir among youth, governments, corporate institutions, the media and other stakeholders both in Africa and globally. He is a Management and Government Consultant who speaks nationally and internationally in organizations, government houses, embassies and churches. He is a widely read author and a social reformer. David Ogbueli is married, with four kids.
edward ceo

H.E Ambassador Dr ED ILECHUKWU, MDiv, PhD, DMin

Founding President,CEO/BRAND ANBASSADOR/ Former Chairman of the Education Steering Committee, Africa Diasporan Health Initiative (ADHI), African Union Permanent Representation to the United States /Member, United Nations Foundation / Member, United Nations Association USA
Dr. Ed is the founding President, CEO and BRAND AMBASSADOR of the nonprofit. His duties are spelled out in the By-Laws, and include leading out meetings of our board of directors, voting on board decisions, and organizing fundraisers. He presides over all the meetings of the board. ​Dr. Ed is the Former Chairman of the Education Steering Committee of the AFRICAN DIASPORA HEALTH INITIATIVE (ADHI), African Union Permanent Representation to the United States. As a medical student, he joined the National association of Nigerian Students (NANS), as Education Task Force Secretary. Dr. Ed comes with a lot of management experience with corporate America, having worked as a licensed Banker with JP Morgan Chase in New York, Manager of Operations at the Empire State Building, and other highly recognized corporate organizations both in the United States and Africa, and also in the telecommunications industry both here in the United States and West Africa. He was recently honored in New York with a doctorate degree (PhD) for his non-profit work around the world.
Mary Cropped HS


Liaison for the Americas
Mary Falkenstern is a volunteer director. She holds the position: LIASON FOR THE AMERICAS for the non profit. Her responsibilities include:- Design and promote social good events, including those required to serve community needs detected by chapter board members. Raise awareness and deliver member value through the promotion/advocacy of chapter social good programs and GIFTED no-cost resources (learning resources, templates, academic scholarships, awards that support engagement in the local community. Engage volunteers through social good programs and opportunities for developing their skills and participating in the community. Network with communities that can benefit from social good programs and free resources provided by GIFTED (e.g., schools, non-profits, other organizations, etc.). As invited, participate in chapter annual planning and propose a yearly business plan specific to GIFTED. Provide board members with regular updates on social good programs being carried out locally. Be knowledgeable about the Guidelines for Social Good Programs. Communicating and Increasing Awareness, promote social good initiatives organized by the chapter through different channels (press, social media, etc.) to increase visibility among your chapter members and local community and provide reports on their impact. Collaborate with and communicate regularly with GIFTED Community Engagement Committee member on a variety of chapter social good programs and planning.
sam 2


Secretary and Director
Mr. Sam U Elumelu is a volunteer director. He holds the position of Secretary for the organization. His duties are outlined in the bylaws and include: plays a critical role in fostering communication and ensuring proper management and utilization of important organizational records. Communication – He is an active conduit for communication between the board, management, and members, by giving proper notice of any meetings and timely distribution of materials such as agendas and meeting minutes. He is very knowledgeable of the organization’s records and related materials, and is able to provide advice and resources to the board on relevant topics at issue, such as particular governance matters being addressed at a meeting or a new amendment to state corporate law. His aim is to be helpful to the board as they discharge their fiduciary duties. Scheduling, Notice, and Materials. He is tasked with knowing and complying with notice requirements and scheduling meetings to accommodate the directors. Notice requirements can be particularly important and should be complied with strictly, as improper notice can open the organization up to challenge. He is responsible for scheduling board meetings and should ensure an adequate number of meetings are held per year, in accordance with the organization’s bylaws.
asam 3 jg


Education Director & Treasurer
Levonne is a Volunteer Director. With a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and a bachelor's degree in Social Work, she holds the position of Treasurer & Education Director for the organization. As the education director, her duties include:- direct and shape the curricula and teaching processes in our schools,run the educational programs at non-school settings, such as museums, businesses and non-profit organizations. She works with educational committees and advisory groups within the community to come up with the most appropriate curricula to meet the needs of their students. She will provide advice to teachers, school administrators and support staff, provide training in the use of educational materials and techniques. Advise educators on how to comply with local, state and national standards, as well as work closely with school boards to apply the board's rules and regulations. Research and select textbooks, as well as other educational materials and order or authorize the purchase of supplies. Be involved with the research and design of educational materials and instructional methods. Mentoring new teachers, teaching workshops or seminars and observing teachers in the classroom. Additionally, provide constructive feedback based on teacher evaluations. As the treasurer, she keeps up-to-date records as well as an audit trail for all transactions. She protects the organisation against fraud and theft, ensuring safe custody of money, and prompt banking. She will make sure the board understands its financial obligations. She makes sure the organization complies with tax regulations, such as GST, payroll tax and fringe benefits tax. She will review all internal processes and reporting methods at least annually.
danica 3

DANICA DRAGICEVIC - B.Sc. / M.A - Corporate & Public Communication

Director of Public Relations
Danica is a volunteer director. She holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a Master's degree in Corporate and Public Communication. She is the Director of Public Relations for the Non-profit. Her duties include:- Responsible for managing the public relations department and the content it delivers, Ensures brand message is consistent, timely, and relevant. Direct public relations department within the company. Work with media outlets to publish timely company information, such as press releases, brochures, and other materials. Ensure communication strategy is consistent and reflects the organization’s strategic vision. Implement social media strategies. Grow online supporter base and traffic. Perform social media community management duties. Build and sustain online communities. Manage relationships with media outlets. Produce and publish mass communications with email blasts and marketing campaigns. Refine core messaging to ensure organizational consistency in all aspects of communication including development, organizing and education. Ensure consistent framing of messages. Publish videos and photography on company website and blogs. Document presence of companies at events, conferences, and speaking engagements. Advocate on behalf of the company brand with external stakeholders and the media across all communications channels and vehicles. Collaborate with marketing to develop the advertising, marketing and promotion plans. Edit and revise content as necessary. Attending the meeting of the Board of Directors and shall also vote on all decisions of the Nonprofit, and participate in fundraising for the organization.
Rev obio


Director of Logistics and Donations
Mr. Chris Obio (Rev.) is a volunteer director. He holds the position of Director of Logistics and Donations for the Non-profit. His duties include:- managing and overseeing every aspect of technology security measures throughout the organization, perform a variety of tasks, relying on his wide-ranging experience and judgment in planning and accomplishing our goals. Responsibilities include establishing, planning, and administering policies, goals and procedures; initiating and implementing disaster discovery programs; leading and directing the work of others; and taking care of budget and staffing matters. • Manage security programs and supervise security departments • Allocate resources correctly and efficiently • Implement and maintain security policies and procedures • Keep an eye on security vulnerabilities and threats • Develop strategies to handle security incidents • Be involved in security investigations and recommended courses of action • Prepare financial forecasts and budgets for security operations • Participate in deployment of security technologies and program enhancements • Ensure policies, procedures and protocols are being executed • Provide leadership, training and guidance to staff members • Implement education programs on user awareness and security compliance • Prepare technical reports for executive management • Connect organizational requirements with security goals. attending the meeting of the Board of Directors and shall also vote on all decisions of the Nonprofit, and participate in fundraising for the organization.


Director - Medical Team Member
Dr. Iva Srdanovic has a medical background. She holds a Ph.D in pharmaceutical sciences from Long Island University. She currently works in clinical research for cardiovascular disease. Dr. Srdanovic is a published author in the field of immunology, pharmaceutics and interventional cardiology. She started doing research in immunology at the Hospital for Special Surgery (New York City) and continued to pursue her interest in science as a graduate student at Long Island University in pharmaceutical sciences. She has taught at Long Island University and Marymount Manhattan College in pharmaceutics and chemistry. Highly accomplished in the academic field, she holds an IB diploma from an international private high school in New York City (The Dwight School) where she was Valedictorian. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City (Summa cum Laude).


Public Relations and Liaison for Africa
Mr. Agbugba is the Public Relations Liaison for the African continent for the non profit. He is currently the Managing Director at Technologies Platform Business Resources Limited; an IT Software and Consulting Services Company with specialist focus on emerging technologies and services. He is also the Senior vice president [Africa National Cyber Initiatives], center for strategic cyberspace+security science [CSCSS] - a UK based non-profit organization. He is a dynamic business manager with impressive technology background. He has a very successful IT Management and Sales career spanning over fifteen years, ten of those years in senior enterprise Sales & Account Management. Also in the Financial services and telecommunications sectors of the Nigerian economy. He has shown verifiable profitability in the management of multimillion dollar projects in the financial services and telecommunications sectors of the Nigerian economy.
Cynthia C Shalom


Cynthia Chioma Shalom, is a Nollywood (Nigerian) actress, model, dance instructor and voice over artist. She is the winner of the "NEXT MOVIE STAR AFRICA" for the 2015/2016 year. Born in 1988, Cynthia graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a bachelors degree in Management, and has worked with well known Nollywood directors like Segun Arinze, Lancelot Imasuen, Chico Ejiro, Blessing Egbe, Ugezu J. Ugezu, David Uro, Abbey Osho, Ubong Bassey, One Soul, and others. She has been appointed by the management of the Non Profit as African Girls Education (AGE) Global Ambassador for GIFTED.


Attorney and Legal Counsel
Ava L. zelenetsky, Esq is the attorney and Legal Counsel for the Non-Profit. Ava has her own law practice in Westchester County, with a primary focus on representing accident victims, including automobile cases, construction (labor law) cases, slip/trip and fall, and premises liability. Ms. Zelenetsky handles cases in all New York venues, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, Dutchess, Orange, and Putnam Counties. She gives each case her individual and personal attention to ensure the maximum results for her clients. Prior to opening her firm, Ms. Zelenetsky worked for various law firms primarily in the field of insurance defence for many years. This Invaluable experience has provided Ms. Zelenetsky with not only the legal experience upon which she built her practice and reputation as an attorney, but also with the insight into how defence firms and insurance companies evaluate and defend cases.